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At Centerline Fitness, in Mobile, Alabama, we offer athletic training services by certified athletic trainers. Athletic trainers are professionals who optimize participation in athletics, work, and life.

Athletic training involves sport specific training.

How can an athetlic trainer in Mobile, Alabama help me?

Athletic trainers, design strength and conditioning programs using sports science principles specifically for each athlete’s sport (sport-specific training). They use systems of measurement to track, manage and enhance an athlete’s aerobic and anaerobic performance and sport-specific movements (vertical jump, sprinting speed, punching power, etc.). Coaches deliver personal training programs to clients that are centered around sport-specific skills and needs.

Responsibilities of an athletic trainer/coach vary from day to day, but may include:
Sport-specific movements
Speed and agility
Explosive power
Strength and symmetry
Coordination and reaction time

Athletic training coaches also deliver the following with regards to sports recovery:
• Prevention of injury or re-injury by recognizing and correcting improper biomechanics and form.
• Post-injury help to increase strength and range-of-motion (ROM), mobility, proprioception (body awareness) with the intent to return the athlete to play.
• Acute recovery after sports or competition using foam rolling, stretching, and methods to reduce lactic acid build-up.

At Centerline Fitness, in Mobile, AL, we are so much more than a GYM! We offer athletic training services to all of our clients in order to optimize participation in sports.

Our customers and clients include everyone from high school, college, and professional athletes to clients who work-out or participate in local sports leagues. Athletes at all levels have come to rely on Athletic Trainers for the prevention, therapeutic intervention, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries.

If you are in Mobile, AL or surrounding areas and you have been looking for an Athletic Trainer, look no further than Centerline Fitness.

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