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Centerline Fitness has hand-selected personal trainers based on their experience and expertise. Whether you’re an athlete, a first responder, or someone who just wants to get fit—we’ve got the personal trainer for you.

Darla Matthews

Darla Matthews

Athletic Trainer

Darla has spent more than a decade training collegiate and high school athletes, helping them maximize performance and play time. She has also helped countless injured athletes pass the Biodex test and get back in the game

Darla holds a Bachelor’s in Athletic Training and a Master’s in Exercise Science from Wright University. She’s also served as the primary Certified Athletic Trainer (ACT) for University of South Alabama’s volleyball team.

Using a scientific approach, Darla randomizes exercises and routines so muscles don’t adapt and get “lazy.” This guarantees students optimal progress for their effort.

A former student athlete herself, Darla knows the pressures and challenges they face, and she works to deliver a fun, inspirational experience that fuels success.

Jeffrey Berg

Jeffrey Berg

Tactical Fitness Trainer

Jeffrey has been a personal trainer for nearly a decade, and he’s also a career Firefighter. As a Tactical Strength and Conditioning coach, Jeffrey is trained to work with first responders like himself, helping them cultivate the strength, agility, flexibility, and endurance necessary to perform their jobs.

Jeffrey chooses to train others in tactical fitness, on top of his duties as a Firefighter, because he’s passionate about fitness and cares about his clients. That’s why he works to create a friendly, open environment with the brave men and women he serves.

Chris Sholler

Chris Sholler

Founder and Trainer

Chris began his fitness journey many years ago, studying traditional martial arts and Sanshou Kickboxing with the US national San Shou coach, Shawn Liu. Chris’s martial arts training taught him that discipline, focus, and hard work pay off, and it paved the way for a career as a fitness trainer.

Chris has spent over 20 years helping his clients maximize their health and fitness. His approach to fitness? Chris will make you stronger, faster, more flexible, and more mobile—all you need to bring is the motivation.

Do you want to run a race? Win your next fight? Look and feel great? Live long enough to meet your grandchildren?

Find your motivation, and Chris will help you achieve your goals.

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