Strategic Athletic & Fitness Training

Transform your body.
Change your life.

6414 Hillcrest Park Ct. C
Mobile, AL 36695

Call: (251) 268-9319


Strategic Athletic & Fitness Training

Transform your body.
Change your life.

6414 Hillcrest Park Ct. C

Mobile, AL 36695

Call: (251) 268-9319

We work with…

Student Athletes

Are you a college athlete with dreams of going pro?

Or a high-school student hoping to earn a scholarship at a top university?

Centerline Fitness can help you stand out and get more play time. And if you’ve been injured and need to pass the Biodex test? Our specialized trainers can help you get back into the game.

Active Adults

Centerline Fitness will help you lose weight, build muscle (which is key to weight loss), and become a stronger, healthier version of yourself.

We also train weekend warriors to run marathons, compete in triathlons, and push the limits of human performance.

When you commit to working one-on-one with Centerline’s trainers, you’re on your way to a richer, fuller, healthier life.

First Responders

Centerline Fitness specializes in Tactical Strength & Conditioning. Tactical Fitness Training is designed for Firefighters, Police Officers, EMTs, members of the armed services, and everyone else who puts themselves in harm’s way to protect others.

In your line of work, building a stronger, leaner, more flexible body will not only optimize your health—it may even save your life!

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WHat Are You Waiting for?


Strategic Approach to Fitness

At Centerline Fitness, our trainers take a scientific approach to personal fitness, setting you up to achieve and maintain measurable results.

What does the scientific approach look like?


We begin with a full functional assessment of your strength, flexibility, and movement patterns, identifying any areas of deficiency (e.g., balance, range of motion, proprioception) that we can address.


Your coach will design a program to address your unique needs. Athletes, competitive fighters, first responders, and those looking to get fit have different goals and challenges. That’s why we reject the one-size-fits-all approach that many trainers take.

Centerline’s coaches will take the time to understand your goals, work to address any injuries, and help you become the best possible version of yourself—one that aligns with your mission in life.


As you become stronger, leaner, and more fit, you’ll notice your body start to change. It’s one thing to feel better, but we want to quantify it. That way we can benchmark your progress, continually optimizing and refining your personal fitness program.




Build lean muscle mass to facilitate weight-loss, increase bone density, and reduce your risk of injury.


Improve performance, lower your risk of injury, and reduce or eliminate chronic pain.


High-intensity interval training will boost your stamina, improve lung capacity, improve heart health, and help you lose weight.


By tracking your diet and exercising with strength, endurance, and flexibility in mind, you’ll be on your way to maximizing your health and optimizing your life.


I joined the six week exercise and nutrition challenge. I loved the family environment. Each instructor was very knowledgeable. The exercises pushed me every single day of class and I loved it. I lost weight and feel much stronger than when I started.
Scotty Lewis

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The support from Chris and team at Centerline Fitness has been enormous over the past few months. Between guidance in nutrition and encouragement in general during class, they have helped to push me on a regular basis, resulting in numerous improvements in my body and fitness – not to mention making it much easier to get to sleep at night! These guys are the best!
Jayson West

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Centerline fitness has high quality diverse group classes. The trainers are enthusiastic, engaging and well prepared. Everyone is made to feel like family. The gym is always clean and well kept. I couldn’t have made a better choice than to join Centerline fitness. Love my gym family.
Sundee Sprecher

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Who We Are

We’ve created a fun, welcoming environment here at Centerline. Yes, we’ll push you. After all, we want you to reach your full potential. But we’ll also have fun, and we’ll involve you at every step—making sure you understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how it all fits into your fitness goals. Whether it’s individual training or group training, Centerline Fitness hand-selects each trainer based on their area of expertise and professional certifications to help you acheive your goals.

Meet Your Coaches

Darla Matthews

Darla has been helping college, high school, and elite athletes succeed for more than a decade.

Jeffrey Berg

Jeffery is a certified Tactical Strength and Conditioning coach. He’s also a professional Fire Fighter!

Chris Sholler

Chris is Centerline’s Founder, and he’s been helping his clients optimize their health and fitness for over 20 years as a fitness coach and martial artist.

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